Ike! Greenman Episode 01 Released!

"An envoy of GOD"?
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Ike! Greenman Episode 01 Released!

Post by Exodus » Tue Oct 22, 2013 4:02 pm

Edited and paraphased from MegaBeast Empire... because it defies description:

"In another joint-venture, [Hi no Tori - MegaBeast Empire], we present to you the 1973-to-1974 show, Ike Greenman! From Toho, the company that brought us Godzilla (and loads of other stuff), this show was created to replace Ike Godman. It shares something in common with the latter: you feel like whoever made this was on narcotics at the time. Pundercracker summed it up quite accurately:

Pundercracker: Greenman is. That’s all I can really say to summarize it. Greenman IS.
This is a show that defies logic. It defies sense. There is little that can be comprehended about this show. It is like the Ginguiser of Tokusatsu, without the seizures and with more aneurysms. It is a beautiful trainwreck, it must be seen to believed, and on behalf of us at MBE, we beg for your forgiveness if your brain begins to shut down, but you will know that it was totally worth it to witness the things you saw in these episodes."
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