hello all

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hello all

Post by rodak » Thu Apr 12, 2012 3:41 am

My name is Rodak.
I am mostly into Showa era tokusatsu, but I like some of the newer stuff. My first love was Goldar and the Space Avengers (Space Giants)
I have since graduated to more mature and textured plots...Ahem....Pass the motorcycle helmet the tights and the rubber suit over here please...
I also like anime, Japanese scifi,Jidaigeki,Jdrama and yaki tori( That's grilled chicken on a stick in case you didn't know).

This last bit here is more of a resume for HINoTori.

I studied Japanese in school for four years and learned to speak,read and write in Japanese. I also took Japanese culture and history courses, a Japanese literature class and studied eastern philosophy.I have also visited the land of the rising sun on several occasions.To be clear I am by no means the equivalent of a native speaker.
That said,I am offerring my services as a translator,cultural and historical database.

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