Other Tsuburaya series (Fireman, Mirrorman, etc)

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Re: Other Tsuburaya series (Fireman, Mirrorman, etc)

Post by Bakamonster » Wed May 22, 2019 3:22 am

Yeah, I'm not too crazy about having all my eggs in one basket, but I've got most of it backed up on disc.

MY toku on DVD collection is relatively small. Just American releases of Ultra shows and the classic movies. As far as TV toku, I've built most of my collection through torrenting. I think when I get another external drive, I'll probably just load all the toku on that and use this one for other stuff.

One thing I'm noticing is there was kind of a "small golden age of toku" during the early 2000's. A lot of new series came out and even the "staple" shows were better than usual.

One that I've been watching and really getting into is Gransazers. It seems like they tried to sum up the whole genre in one series and to do it from a more serious and effects ambitious angle. All the cool stuff is there without the usual mash of goofiness that shows up in the more kid oriented shows...plus the ladies look nice throwing kicks in those spandex suits. :mrgreen:
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