Daicon 4 Opening Animation references

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Daicon 4 Opening Animation references

Postby TheKingofrobotrebels » Sat Aug 30, 2014 11:09 pm

What i am about to post here is many of the references in the Daicon 4 Opening Animation video if you want to see it here is the youtube link to it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeDBIwRe2AE if you spot anymore references in this video please reply thanks
here are the references in the video that i can identify
3:00 various zakus
3:03 various ultraman monsters
3:06 various toho monsters and eleking from ultraseven
3:07 darth vader stormtroopers and the deathstar
3:13 alien
3:17 dyna robo
3:33 yoda,c-3p0,r2d2,chewbacca
3:34 dr zero from ogon bat 1966
3:35 one of the aliens from warning from space or could be starro the conqueror
3:46 ultra hawk no 1
3:51 arcadia VF-1 Valkyrie SDF-1 Macross
4:00 captain america ,batman, robin ,spiderman,superman,wonder woman
4:03 gundam, star wars,UFO,thunderbirds,millennium falcon
4:11 kamen rider,jet jaguar,giant robo,tetsujin 28,manda,Joan Randall,Luna Kozuki
4:15 mazinger z and cutie honey
4:29 moguera and Sun Vulcan Robo
4:30 mothra and yamato
4:31 white base and atragon
4:32 thunderbird 5
5:12 robby the robot and dewey from silent running
5:13 doreamon in a char costume
5:14 sun vulcan
5:15 message from space galaxy wars
5:16 hakaider from kikaider and antman from barom 1 ,metropolis,this island earth,Gort,kamen rider,baltan,Alien Spell,batman,yoda,wonder woman,ming the merciless ,
doreamon,planet x alien,superman,goa,barom 1,shocker goon,jiban,maborishi tantei,

thats many of the references of this video

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