A 'Spoiler' Reference...

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A 'Spoiler' Reference...

Post by Exodus » Sun Nov 13, 2011 8:19 am

harry posted this in the OP forums... I thought it was some good information to share in case people get a little lost like I did...

It's a bit of a spoiler so don't read beyond this point if you don't want to.


I compiled a timeline of Mikazuki.

Temporarily, let me assume Mikazuki was found in Tibet in 2001.

Mikazuki was found in Tibet. (The opening sign in the Ep01 says "In the early 21st century")

Probably in this year, Tetsuro (father) and Tomoko (mother) Isurugi moved and lived in the Z-ONE lab in Tibet.
Kazeo was born in Tibet. In that moment, Mikazuki moved for the first time in front of Z-ONE.
Probably within this year, Tomoko and Kazeo traveled back to their home in Japan.
(From mother's family history tale in the Ep05)

Kazeo was five years old. (From Wikipedia Japanese edition. The child actor of little Kazeo has credit of "Kazeo 5 years old".)
Tetsuro was still working in Tibet.
Z-ONE explorer team found Uterus under the ground in Tibet.
Wataru Yusa was killed. Kusaka, the generalissimo of AIT got a heavy damage in her leg.
Tetsuro Isurugi was lost. (Opening sequence of the Ep01)
On the next day, Mikazuki disappeared from Tibet. (The opening sign in the Ep01)

Kazeo was ten years old. (Kazeo says "at least I lived ten years" in the Ep01 37m 18s.)
The on-screen sign says "5 years later" in the Ep01 05m 49s.
In the summer, Watermelon IDOM appeared in Tokyo, Japan. Mikazuki appeared from the sea.
Torupa was revived using Wataru's body.

Door IDOM appeared. Makuhari was reorganized as AIT.
Mikazuki and Kazeo joined AIT.

Wind-bell IDOM appeared. Mikazuki transformed to Mikazuki Gai.

Egg IDOM appeared. Singetsu appeared.

Singetsu absorbed Mikazuki. House IDOM appeared. Kazeo met Tetsuro in the House IDOM.
Mikazuki and Gekkoukis defeated Singetsu Beast.
Mikazuki disappeared again.
The End.

- harry
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