Learn Them, Respect Them, because if you break them that's your fault!
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1. Hi No Tori Subs will not take requests! Our project group decides on what series we want to sub next.

2. Respect our staff and other people who join the forums.

3. Do not spam our board with links to other sub groups, unless you have permission from our staff.

4. Don't ask when a series or episode will be released. They will be released when we can get everything in place.

5. Don't ask to see a script.

6. Don't be disruptive! Post nice things!

7. Don't sell, rent, or change the names of our files.

For right now, these are the rules for the forums. We have the right to add to these rules as we see fit, and we will admonish anyone who continues to break them!

Thank you!

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