Ultraman Story

"It is important to remind yourself that it is just a movie."
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Ultraman Story

Post by Exodus » Sun Nov 23, 2014 11:53 pm

Latest Release: Ultraman Story

"It is important to remind yourself that it is just a movie."

Beware of flashing images, and overt childishness from Ultraman Taro...

From MegaBeast Empire:

From the year 1984, it’s Ultraman Story! Featuring an alternative origin for Taro, and an alternative version of Juda from Andro Melos!
This film is about Taro going from his childhood, to maturing as an Ultra Warrior, and learning to fight alongside his brothers.

Pundercracker: This movie is really fun in a goofy turn-your-brain-off kind of way. While it is a compilation film of sorts, and poor Leo and 80 really get shafted, it’s an entertaining story with a really cool monster design at the end. Taro’s a big dork, too, which makes it fun. On top of that, Dragon Ball fans like myself might get a bit of a laugh out of two things here. First off, the music for this film is composed by Shunsuke Kikuchi. Kikuchi’s famous for providing the music to works such as Mazinger Z, Kamen Rider,and, you guessed it, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Even funnier is the fact that young Taro is voiced by the one and only Masako Nozawa, best known as the voice of Son Goku (and, like, 99% of the other Male characters in his family) in the DB franchise. I was cracking up QC’ing the start of this film as a result, not gonna lie!

Champstice: Being Taro is suffering. Speaking of Taro, we used the ever-fabulous Magenta’s translation of his theme for when it shows up in film.

From HnT[exo]:

My 3 cents... It's a bit of a clip-fest... "Grand King" is awesome... makes up for the Godfrey Ho type guerrilla film making in the beginning... if you can hold out til' the end battle, it makes up for all the whinnin' Taro does in the first half.
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Re: Ultraman Story

Post by Pointer » Mon May 25, 2015 7:17 am

Awesome. Taro definitely was an Ultra that went off the rails in his own series, and over time, was rehabilitated. I think "Story" was probably the first turning point. (Eventually he'd wind up saving his homeworld's last light in the epic Mega-Monster Battle movie, before slumming as a spark doll in Ginga.)

Thanks so much for this release!
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